Post Porcfest Update

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We all had a great time at PorcFest. I handed out some brochures introducing the idea. I also gave a small presentation on it at the Alternatives Expo.

The most exciting thing that happened was that Ryan handed us a prototype die set! Its almost exactly what I was envisioning, really cool, and really heavy. We're planning on using it to test out several project aspects, including how well home-made presses will work and how much pressure is really needed.

We now also have on board someone who can do design work in an actual CAD system, which should make finalizing the design much easier. Some testing stock should be delivered soon, and testing should commence within a week. Another new volunteer has jumped in, and is looking at building presses.

We are also planning on visiting Burning Porcupine. That crowd is very into alternative monetary systems and non-governmental solutions. Shire Silver is a perfect fit!

Also on the agenda is finishing up the commercial side: The location based mapping stuff isn't quite ready yet, and we still haven't gotten a good source for total coverage of silver quotes yet, but most of it is ready to go.

I wish I had gotten off my butt a bit earlier, but things are finally starting to happen.

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