Website Oops

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Because I log on to this site using an account with all permissions, I see everything. I see stuff that hasn't been approved yet. Thus I didn't notice that several of you have commented on things and the comments aren't showing up for everyone.

I have commenting set so that "regular" users can write comments, but they need to be approved before they can be seen by others. This is very useful in preventing spam, and creates a list of comments needing approval. However, I had forgotten, and hadn't been checking the approval list. This has been going on for months. Sorry.

To help with this, I have created a new role on the site. If you have this role, you can post comments without them needing to be approved. Everyone who had posted non-spam comments now has been assigned this role. So, post away!

FYI, there are private forum threads for insiders. If you think you should be seeing that stuff, but don't see them, let me know.