First test material ordered

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I just ordered the first shipment of silver source material to use for the first round of testing. With the price of silver in FRNs being near a year low at around $11/ounce, now is probably a great time to buy. However, this source for the milled silver has a markup of over 40% above spot. I think its worth it, just to be sure of the quality. There's also additional charges for shipping, so the markup is approximately 50%. Hopefully the markup will be lower for larger orders. I asked the company if they had it in stock, and they said they did - no problem. The person I spoke to did mention that they had heard about others having trouble getting the physical silver though. Anyway, once we receive the stuff, we can do more testing. Maybe we can have product finally shipping by the holiday season. It feels good to be making progress!


Re: First test material ordered

How much did you buy? And from where? Yesterday, when Silver spot was ~$10.50, I wanted to buy some generic rounds and oblongs (and possibly Eagles and other coins, but I also want 1/2 and 1/4 ounce coins), but I went to a coin store near me and they only sold numismatic stuff. 

I'm new to NH. Can anyone recommend where to buy such silver? Soon. :)

Thanks .


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Re: First test material ordered

Thanks for the info. I had purchased some silver since leaving that message, but now that it's dropping again I'll be buying more. I'll check out Bob's Coins in Manchester, but I also found a couple online merchants that look good (APMEX and Northwest Territorial Mint).