Refocusing this site

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Good Morning!

We haven't done much with this site in a long time, but we recently realized it can still have a purpose. You see, Shire Silver is not just a particular brand of innovative bullion, but its also the model used to create that brand's products. Since the model has been placed in the public domain, and others have used it in similar forms, we figured this might be a good place to have free and open discussions of not only the model, but all kinds of related topics.

We welcome discussions about

  • the model
  • variations on the model
  • instructions and tips for manufacturing
  • pricing of the products
  • marketing
  • etc

But this means we have some work to do behind the scenes. The site needs some upgrades and certainly could look better. The forums can be improved as well. We're also probably going to open up the blog to our fellow Shire Silver model producers. However, we do intend on keeping all the historical content, preserving the history of the development of the Shire Silver model.