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This is just a friendly reminder that the Shire Silver Design Contest deadline is just over a month away. We haven't received as many submissions as we would like, and none of them so far meet the specified criteria. Please consider entering your own design.

Several of Shire Silver's principal supporters recently got together and came up with a default design. This is what we will most likely use if we don't get any submissions that are better. This design is not qualified for the contest, so the best contest entry will still win a prize, even if we decide not to use it.

In other news, another local guy is trying to start his own alternative currency. While I applaud the attempt to compete with fiat currency, I don't think this will be as successful as Shire Silver.

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Re: Design contest reminder

I can't do graphic design to save my life, but I've got a couple of names for you:


1) grag -- this coin would contain exactly 1 metric gram of silver, PLUS whatever filler/hardener is required.


2) grau -- this coin would contain exactly 1 metric gram of gold, PLUS whatever filler/hardener is required.


I'm sure most people here know, but for those who don't, ag is the symbol for silver on the periodic table, and au is the symbol for gold.


I like these names. They're pronouncable, but also carry their exact meaning in their identifier (can you tell I'm a computer programmer?).


There is no reason that one could not make a decigrag or kilograg coin, or a centigrau for that matter.