Shire Silver Design Contest

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Shire Silver Design Contest
This is a contest to create the design for upcoming Shire Silver medallions. We are planning on eventually issuing in 4 denominations, each in both round and rectangular form, and each with both a listed suggested FRN value reverse and a weight only version reverse. That means we may go with as many as 24 designs!
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Re: Shire Silver Design Contest

OK, the contest has been over for a while, and I figure we ought to at least remark on the submitted designs.

I have 3 design entries that were handed in on the printed form. While these did have some merit, and some interesting ideas, none of them met the requirements.

One was simply a porcupine or two on both the obverse and reverse. This one was considered 'incomplete' due to the simplicity of the design. Also, the artwork implied a sculpted design.

Another entry also went with the porcupine theme, but in a more line drawing style. Unfortunately it also included a depiction of the Liberty Bell, which was ruled to mean it didn't meet the requirement of not being similar to government currency.

The third one comes close to meeting the requirements, but was judged to violate the 'no sculpted design' rule because it would look so good in a scuplted design that to do it as a line drawing would be criminal! It also has the unfortunate likelyhood of being a copyright infringement - one that would likely be enforced. You'd probably recognize it from a certain movie trilogy, if not the books.

Ryan, can you comment on the designs that were submitted electronically?