Merchant conflicts

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Merchant conflicts

We've gotten a request from one merchant to either unlist them or unlist one particular merchant that they find objectionable. This has caused us at Shire Silver to thoughtfully consider how to handle conflicts such as this.

In this particular case, the business seen as objectionable by the objecting merchant isn't really active. We could, in this instance, merely delist the merchant being objected to (and have talked to them a little and they would be amenable to that if asked nicely). However, that would set a precedent that could come back to haunt us in the future. We see ourselves as more of a manufacturer of a product, one that can be used many ways including some we could never foresee. Some ways our products can be used can be seen as objectionable or immoral to some people, but the same can be said for traditional bullion and fiat currencies as well.

Our merchant lists are merely lists of places where our products can be used. While some people may see the business being listed on our site as an endorsement of the business, we don't. We need to remain neutral as to the values of the merchants we work with in order to spread their use as wide as possible. We have a mission to change the world for the better by getting the world to use a better money, and limiting ourselves to only doing business with those organizations that are unobjectionable to everyone would ensure we never grow big enough to make a difference.

So we are going to have to make an official policy on this, and publish it as well as reword some pages on the primary website.