Payday Silver Loans

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Payday Silver Loans

I have an idea for a business model: it would be sort of like a "paycheck-cashing" business, except instead of cashing paychecks, we would take the customer's paycheck and give the customer silver.  Of course, the market of customers who would want such a service is limited, but this seems like a service more than a few porcupines might want to use.  And not only would we be doing the employees a service by enabling them to minimize their inflation losses by getting their wealth out of dollars ASAP, but we would also be demonstrating to employers that employees want to be paid in silver.  Once the employers understand that, they'll be more favorable to accepting silver as payment from their customers.

I have some ideas about how the business could operate to protect itself against bouncing checks and fluctuating silver prices, but those would be more appropriate for executive planning sessions than a public forum like this.