8 reasons to hire a personal stylist or image consultant

Thanks to technology, there are so many options for those who want to feel amazing in their wardrobe each and every day- hiring a personal stylist isn’t just reserved for celebrities.

Even though hiring a personal stylist is something you can do to help you achieve your goals, we downplay the importance of feeling amazing in our clothing because ‘it shouldn’t matter’.

Think of hiring a NYC personal stylist the same way you’d hire a personal trainer to help you get fit, or a chef to cook you dinner to save you time and eat a delicious meal.

Most of my clients that I’ve worked with have never worked with a wardrobe consultant before and there are many benefits to working with a stylist.

Here are 8 common reasons my clients have hired a personal stylist:

1. Your body is going through transitions (gaining or losing weight) and you don’t know how to dress for it.

I’ll be the first to admit- the body that I had at 21 is not the one that I have over 10 years later.

Although I am active, there are times when I feel more bloated, gained weight or even lost weight. My clients and community have gone through the same thing.

Going through these physical changes can be tricky for how to manage your style.

But you can still dress confidently, no matter where you are on your journey and you deserve to feel incredible EVERY time to get dressed.

2. You’re bored with your wardrobe.

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One of the most common style challenges that I hear from my community is style boredom. Recently, someone shared with me:

I’m bored, I buy the wrong things and could use some key basics that I can mix and match. I want to look polished and put together.”

And I get it!

Style boredom happens slowly, overtime and then all of a sudden you realize that your wardrobe doesn’t reflect who you are TODAY, you aren’t excited about it and it causes more negative feelings than positive ones.

3. You hate shopping.

When I worked as a Senior Buyer for Equinox, I remember seeing so many customers come in, look around and have this look of overwhelm:

Man sitting down by the ocean looking frustrated with his hands on his head.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard this, I’d be vacationing every month.

The level that people hate shopping knows no bounds and I get it.

The amount of brands, products…choices, can be so overwhelming that for some it’s best just not to even attempt to step inside a store to try to figure it out.

4. You’re tired of buying clothing…and then never wearing it.

Have you heard that on average, people only wear about 20% of their wardrobe?

What about the other 80%?

Well, most people hold on to it because they think that it will be perfect for X event (that’s not in their calendar), that they’ll be able to fit it again (putting so much pressure on themselves) or it was such a bargain (even though it took 4 hours to find it)

Holding onto items that you’ve never worn and then keeping them in your closet- is a constant reminder of the shopping mistakes that you made.

And they make you feel bad every time that you see it!

When you free yourself from clothing you don’t wear, don’t like or doesn’t fit you anymore- you make space (physically and mentally) for items that you actually like to come into your life.


5. You’ve tried doing it yourself, but just haven’t gotten it right.

Thanks to the internet, there are so many ways that you can update your style– everything from subscription boxes, apps and even in person styling experiences.

Feeling and looking amazing each and every day is no longer just for celebrities.

I’ve had clients who tried Stitch Fix and Trunk Club in the past.

While it was good for them at the time, especially as their first experience with upgrading their style, they were now craving more personalization to THEIR lifestyle, body type and style goals.


6. You’re up for a promotion and want to be seriously considered.

You’ve been working your way up the corporate ladder and are up for a big promotion.

When you reach certain professional levels, people notice the small details that others don’t- your style is one of those things.

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Cassandra Sethi is a NYC Personal Stylist and Image Consultant. After working over 15 years in the Fashion Industry, most recently as a Senior Buyer for Equinox, she created her business, Next Level Wardrobe – a luxury personal shopping service for successful professionals. Cassandra’s been featured in Greatist, Livestrong and NY Mag.


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